The convenient portable pipe.

The Vpuf pipe is a portable, inexpensive, disposable pipe that starts out the size and shape of a credit card. Fold the bowl over, foil against foil, and carry discreetly in your wallet to be conveniently ready anytime

The World's Easiest-to-Carry Smoking Device

Since the Vpuf Pipe is flat and unbreakable, it can be carried with you when you go outside to hike, ski, or fish

It's the Pipe you Never have to Clean

The Vpuf pipe is a disposable product; There's no need to practice the messy, sticky ritual of pipe cleaning. When the Vpuf becomes too crusty, dispose of it properly and start with a fresh one

Custom Printing Available

You're welcome to create your own look or message. Custom printed graphics on the Vpuf are only limited by your imagination

Carry In Your Wallet

Now you can travel with a Vpuf in your wallet to have available whenever you need it.

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