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The Top Ten Reasons Why I Carry A VPUF

Bongs are for “bros”; extracts are for hardcore medicating, and vapes are an exclusive club all of its own. Joints, on the other hand, are what most of us smoked to start with, and they have their appeal, but that’s just not a good enough reason to keep using them.

For walking around, passing around and all around better flavor—because we’re all about those terpenes these days—it’s got to be a Vpuf. Here are my top 10 #nofilter reasons for carrying a Vpuf.

  1. It’s easier than rolling a joint

Even a seasoned surgeon’s hands can fall casualty to all the things that keep a person from rolling a smokeable joint. The conditions have to be perfect—steady hands, low wind, a filter, and the focus to roll it all up without ripping the paper. Oh, wait, that was your last king-size Raw? Dang. With a Vpuf, I get a sturdy pipe every time, and it takes me less than a minute to fold up.

  1. It keeps the mood mellow

Ever had that moment when all the elements are in place but someone forgot the papers? Vpuf is everything you need in one piece, and it fits like a credit card in your wallet or pocket. Just pull apart the bowl from the stem, fold both separately and then put them together to make the completed pipe. No running to 7-11 because something is missing, and no arguments either, just pure relaxation. That is unless the thing you forgot is the all-important Bic.

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The Truth About Foil

With all the “fake news” and fear-mongering amongst media news outlets, we have just one myth that needs to be squashed.

There is a belief out there that smoking cannabis from tin foil is harmful to our health but we’ve looked into the matter with a keen sense of the truth because our Vpuf Pipe uses a foil liner as part of its design, portability, and charm.

So, where did this myth come from? One theory could be that it is tied to a particular study of Alzheimer’s patients’ brains, in which deposits of plaque in the brain were found to had a high aluminum content. But the practice of using aluminum foil to fashion a portable pipe for medicating with cannabis is not actually tied to Alzheimer’s Disease. Not even if you use the old go-to method of using tiny pieces of aluminum foil to create a pop can pipe.

In actual fact, Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by the sticky, clumpy concentrations of a protein called Amyloid Beta around the brain. The buildups keep brain communications from moving through neural pathways smoothly and eventually leads to breaks in memory recall, problem solving and general cognition. Because the THC in cannabis actually blocks the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from creating the Amyloid Beta plaque, it’s actually considered a neuroprotectant that helps to keep brain cells healthy and undamaged. In the 2014 research paper, titled “The Potential Therapeutic Effects of THC on Alzheimer’s Disease”, researchers concluded that THC also helps neural cells to protect themselves by creating their own energy.

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