The first truly portable, multi-use, disposable, high-performance pipe you can carry in your wallet.  Patent Pending

The Trek Pipe can be carried in your wallet, like a credit card, and can be assembled and ready to use in 30 seconds. You can always be prepared with a high performance smoking piece; It’s the perfect on-the-go pipe.

The Trek Pipe is made in the U.S.A from virgin, food quality paper board laminated to virgin, food quality, extra thick, high-temperature, untreated foil. It’s sturdy enough to use over and over. After about a dozen uses, recycle your Trek Pipe and fold a new one. You can have a clean, fresh pipe anytime you want without the hassle of cleaning.

The Trek Pipe can be printed with virtually any design or photograph. Use as a business card to promote events and festivals.

The Trek Pipe is designed to be safe. Three adhesive flaps hold the bowl securely to the pipe body.

The Trek Pipe has a two-piece design which insulates the pipe body from the bowl keeping fingers cool.

The Trek Pipe is sleek and contemporary. Check out our current prints

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